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You can apply for Certification, If you have completed course from any organization, school, university or any online platform.

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At eBestCourses (eBc), we prioritize authenticity and value for our learners. To maintain high standards, we strictly adhere to the following guidelines while issuing certificates:

- It is mandatory for the full name on the proof of attachment to exactly match the name requested on the certificate.

- To verify the course details, it is essential to provide the online link/URL from where you have completed the course. This allows us to validate the authenticity of the course and ensure accurate certification.

- We do not provide certification for discontinued online courses

- We reserve the right to reject certification requests if we find any inaccurate or misleading information related to the certification. Our commitment to maintaining authenticity and credibility is paramount, and we uphold rigorous standards to ensure the integrity of our certifications.

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